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About David Richardson, MD

Dr. David Richardson is a California board certified eye surgeon, specializing in the treatment of Cataract and Glaucoma. He is also Medical Director and Eye Surgeon of San Marino Eye, an Ophthalmology office in San Marino, California.

He is also  an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Clinical Ophthalmology at Keck School of Medicine of USC. As an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Clinical Ophthalmology at Keck School of Medicine of USC, he supervises resident physicians at the VA Greater Los Angeles Veterans Healthcare System.

He additionally serves as Vice Chief of Staff at San Gabriel Valley Medical Center. He has authored a patient-centered book on Cataract, “So, You’ve Got A Cataract?” and written many articles about glaucoma and cataract on his blogs, and, respectively.

He completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Southern California, where he graduated Magna Cum Laude. Dr. Richardson earned his medical degree at Harvard Medical School with scholarships from Phi Beta Kappa and Phi Kappa Phi.

Dr. Richardson is among an elite group of glaucoma specialists in the country performing the highly specialized Canaloplasty procedure.  As one of the first Interventional Ophthalmologists, Dr. Richardson is regularly asked to teach other doctors how to perform canaloplasty.

Dr. Richardson has performed thousands of advanced cataract and glaucoma procedures with excellent results and is among an elite group of glaucoma surgeons in the country performing the highly specialized canaloplasty procedure. Multiple patients have travelled from around the world to have canaloplasty by Dr. Richardson.

Media Releases
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Talks and Presentations
  1. Modern Cataract Treatment. Presentation at: Crowell Public Library; January, 2016; San Marino, CA 91108
  2. What’s New in Glaucoma Surgery. Continuing Education course for Optometrists; May, 2015; Pasadena, CA 91105
  3. Adios, Sayonara, Goodbye Medicare. Presentation at: American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) 6th Annual Meeting “Cataract Surgery:Telling It Like It Is”!; January, 2015; Sarasota, Florida
  4. Canaloplasty New Glaucoma Treatment. Presentation at: San Gabriel Valley Medical Center Health Talk ; November, 2014; San Gabriel, CA 91776
  5. Provisioning for the Opt Out Journey. Presentation at: Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) 70th Annual Meeting Summit To Save American Medicine; September, 2013; Denver, CO.
  6. Escape From Medicare. Presentation at: Meeting of Missouri Society of Eye Physicians and Surgeons (MoSEPS); April, 2013; Jefferson City, MO.
  7. Canaloplasty – A Focus on the Patient. iScience Didactic and Users Meeting Presentation at:  American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery (ASCRS) 2012 Symposium; April, 2012; Chicago, Illinois.
  8. Canaloplasty Patient Outcomes At 250 Days Post-Op. iScience Didactic and Users Meeting Presentation:  American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery (ASCRS) 2012 Symposium; April, 2012; Chicago, Illinois.
  9. Building Your Surgical Practice: It’s Time to Drop the Drops for Glaucoma. Workshop Presentation at:  Hawaian Eye & Retina 2012; January, 2012; Wallea, Maui.
  10. The Right Procedure at the Right Time. iScience Didactic For Fellows Presentation at:  American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) 2011; October, 2011;

About Glaucoma and Canaloplasty

Glaucoma is one of the leading causes of Blindness. It is a common disease of the eye which results from the dysfunction in the eye’s drainage system – the canal of Schlemm that leads to irreversible blindness. Because there are hardly any symptoms in the earlier stages of the disease, most glaucoma sufferers are unaware they have it.

Glaucoma prevention and treatment is about seizing the thief of sight in its tracks. With a patient’s sight on the line, glaucoma is a race against time. For every increase in intraocular pressure (IOP), a person with glaucoma slowly inches her way towards blindness. However, if one is considering the standard glaucoma surgery, called trabeculectomy, one may also fear the potential side effects of this surgery, which include worsening dry eye, blurred vision, long-term risk of infection, and even blindness.

Fortunately, there is now an advanced glaucoma procedure which works as well as trabeculectomy for most glaucoma patients and has significantly fewer risks. It’s called Canaloplasty.

Canaloplasty is safer than traditional glaucoma surgery, easy to understand (it’s like angioplasty for the eye), and saves patients huge amounts of money. I truly believe that Canaloplasty has the potential to revolutionize the way we treat glaucoma.” says Dr. David Richardson.

Canaloplasty (pronounced Kah-NAL-oh-plas-tee) is an advanced minimally invasive glaucoma treatment. As glaucoma can cause a permanent loss of vision, this procedure can provide patients with glaucoma a “peace of mind” not possible with use of glaucoma drops alone. Canaloplasty can reduce eye pressure by nearly 40%, and most glaucoma patients who have had Canaloplasty can cut their glaucoma drops in half. In some cases, Canaloplasty can even eliminate the need for Glaucoma drops.

Read more about Glaucoma and Canaloplasty →

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Southern California Super Doctor® on Los Angeles Magazine (2010 – 2015)

Consistently voted as one of the outstanding physicians who have attained a high degree of peer recognition or professional achievement.

Pasadena Magazine’s Top Doctor Honors (2008-2015)

Consistently voted as one of the doctors who are deemed tops by their peers. Doctors throughout the San Gabriel Valley and Los Angeles area voted online for the most esteemed physician in his or her given field.


SoCal Board Certified Eye Surgeon Discusses New Book

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A Treatment for Glaucoma?

STUDIO CITY (KCAL9) — Do you suffer from Glaucoma? If so, Dr. David Richardson could have the cure. | April 20, 2011 12:17 PM | Link


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New Glaucoma Surgery Avoids Penetration

Official Book Website of “So, You’ve Got A Cataract?” a patient-centered book about cataracts and cataract surgery written by Dr. David Richardson and published by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform.

This site is focused on glaucoma, glaucoma treatments and Canaloplasty. Dr. David Richardson provides information about glaucoma treatment options, studies and researches related to glaucoma.

This is where Dr. David Richardson provides valuable information about cataracts, cataract surgeries, intraocular lenses and other eye diseases.

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