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Patient Testimonials

We truly appreciate our patients’ kindness in sharing their positive experiences with Dr. David Richardson 

Hello, look who is back at work. We are all very grateful with the whole staff that works at San Marino Eye, thank you for your attentions, hospitality and good work. Hopefully we will see you all soon either in Los Angeles or in Honduras😉…

The Barahona Family

“What a privilege to treat Dr. Aristides Barahona, a well respected and loved general surgeon from Honduras! He flew out to have me perform both cataract surgery and canaloplasty. Here we are smiling together in appreciation of his improved vision and pressure just prior to his traveling back home where I know he has many of his own patients anxious for his return.” — Dr. Richardson

Look! Dr. Barahona is already back to work after a successful canaloplasty surgery for his glaucoma! The family sent us this photo with this lovely note.

OMG!!!! Everything is so beautiful!!!! The whites!!! Everything so sharp and clear!!!! The colors. The plants, the sky, the outside is so beautiful!!!! I never thought I could see like this!!! Dorothy Richardson

Dr. Richardson is a true “family doctor”. He has performed successful cataract surgery on his grandmother, mother, mother-in-law, and father-in-law (his own Dad does not yet need cataract surgery)

On Photo: Dr. Richardson, his mother 😍, his nurse Ana, and the OR staff at San Gabriel Valley Medical Center after implanting the AMO Symfony Extended Depth of Focus (EDOF) Intraocular lens (IOL)

On my 60th birthday I rode this wave. Thank you for all your help. Craig

Craig traveled from Northern California to have Canaloplasty performed in both eyes. He had been told by his local eye surgeons that he would need trabeculectomy. Had he followed their advice he would have had to give up his lifelong passion of big wave surfing. He is now over three years out from combined cataract and canaloplasty surgery in both eyes with controlled intraocular pressures and no limitations on his activities or passions. Now at 60 years old he’s more active than most of us have ever been at any age. Happy Birthday Craig!

Many have taken the time to share their experience in the hope of inspiring others like you. We’ve recorded what they have to say in videos. There’s over a hundred of them on our YouTube Page. But here are some for your viewing pleasure…

Choosing your eye doctor is one of the most important decisions you will make in your life.
With Dr. David Richardson, you are not only getting a highly skilled eye surgeon,
but a trusted physician as well.

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