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FAQs / Would a Patient Benefit from Cataract Surgery If a Patient Has Both a Macular and a Cataract?


If the cataract is significant then vision often improves after cataract surgery even with a mild macular pucker.  That being said, if the pucker is significant the vision will still be limited by the retinal distortion.

Swelling of the macula (termed “macular edema”) is more likely after cataract surgery when a macular pucker is present.  This swelling is generally treated with drops, injections, or even surgery.

If the vision after cataract surgery is significantly limited by the macular pucker then another surgery called Pars-Plana Vitrectomy with Membrane Peeling (PPV/MP) is generally performed.

PPV/MP is technically less challenging for the surgeon after the cataract has first been removed.  Because of this, cataract surgery is often recommended prior to PPV/MP even when it is expected that the vision will be limited by the macular pucker.

Alternatively, if PPV/MP is performed first, then the cataract tends to rapidly progress often requiring cataract surgery within a matter of months.


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Date:  Jul 5, 2013


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