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Canaloplasty Surgery Video Series

[Graphic. Viewer discretion advised.]

Glaucoma Surgery Canaloplasty Using Mastel Instruments

A series of Canaloplasty Surgery videos by Dr. David Richardson. This series is originally intended for eye surgeons/ glaucoma specialists who want to master Canaloplasty. But if you or your loved one is seriously considering Canaloplasty, these videos will show you exactly what happens during the procedure.

Part 1 – Dissecting the Superficial Flap

The canaloplasty surgery has already been initiated here. I’ve essentially placed what is called a bridle suture, and pulled the eye into position, and created a mark so that I know where I need to make my initial superficial flap…

Part 2 – Dissecting the Deep Flap

So now, one of the things that you can do with the Mastel diamond, with regard to creating the deep flap, is you can set it to 100 or 200 micrometers and use the guarded blade to keep you from going too deep. Before we get to that. What I’m doing here is, with the superficial flap

Part 3 – Catheterization

And now what I’m doing is I’m just going to place a little viscoelastic on, now, that deep flap, and see if I can also get that locked into place using the bridle suture. Now that’s going to keep from desiccating. Now I’ll just take the viscoelastic, and I’m just going to dilate the ostia of Schlemm’s canal here…

Part 4 – Suture

And I’m just going to trim the end. I don’t want to trim it too short. Again, I don’t want something sticking out that’s going to lacerate the canal. OK. And what I’m doing right here is I’m actually having my technician click the injector so I can see that I am, in fact, getting some viscoelastic moving through the catheter and coming out the tip. And now, very carefully…

Part 5 – Closure

So I do close the flap with 10 0 vicryl. I know others use nylon. I prefer vicryl because one of the things that you can run into with canaloplasty is the possibility of induced astigmatism. Now here I’m using some Mastel needle drivers which are specially coated…

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