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San Marino Eye Team

You deserve nothing less than impeccable personalized care, more time, attention and compassion from your doctor
San Marino Eye Team

We Listen. You’ll See.SM

At San Marino Eye, we are focused solely on YOU. We offer treatments based on your real needs using the best and safest modern technology for your benefit. Yes, we have the most comprehensive and advanced glaucoma and cataract treatments available, but the heart of our service is we spend more time with you — We Listen. You’ll See.SM

Dr. David Richardson, MD


When you are with Dr. Richardson his focus is on you – it’s as if
the world outside of the exam room doesn’t exist.

He is very caring, makes you feel at ease. He focuses on patients and is not in a hurry…

R. N.

Dr. William Pritchard, OD


“Selfless” accurately describes Dr. Pritchard.
He often goes the extra mile for the benefit of our patients.

Dr. Pritchard, who does all the refraction, has fitted my contact lens… He is another important part of a superb team.

Joy S.

Ms. Ana Zavaleta


Dr. Richardson may be the surgeon, but the question almost everyone asks before cataract surgery is, “Will Ana be there?”

There is Ana, who could be anyone’s mother, who would drape a blanket around your shoulders…

Lisa of Toronto

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