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Dr. Richardson, Eye Surgeon in California

David Richardson, MD. is a Board-certified Ophthalmologist (Eye Surgeon) in California. He is an Adjunct Assistant Professor Of Clinical Ophthalmology at Keck School of Medicine of University of Southern California. He also serves as Vice Chief of Staff at San Gabriel Valley Medical Center. He has authored a patient-centered book on Cataract, “So, You’ve Got A Cataract?” and written many articles about the latest glaucoma treatments on his blog, New-Glaucoma-Treatments.com.

Dr. Richardson is among an elite group of glaucoma surgeons in the country performing the highly specialized canaloplasty procedure. In fact, patients have traveled half way around the world to have canaloplasty by Dr. Richardson. Dr. Richardson has performed thousands of advanced cataract and Canaloplasty glaucoma procedures with excellent results!

Education & Training

Harvard-Medical-SchoolDr. Richardson completed his undergraduate studies at University of Southern California, where he graduated Magna Cum Laude and received many academic awards. He earned his medical degree at the prestigous Harvard Medical School with scholarships from Phi Beta Kappa and Phi Kappa Phi. He was also awarded with Harvard Medical Linnane Scholarship and Harvard National Scholarship. While in medical school, Dr. Richardson accepted a research fellowship at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to study visual cognition. He then completed an internal medicine internship at Huntington Memorial Hospital in Pasadena, which was followed by ophthalmology training at LAC+USC/Doheny Eye Institute in Los Angeles – one of the top ophthalmology residencies in the country.

Awards & Recognition

Ophthalmologist Awards

Dr. Richardson is a recognized as one of the most highly skilled ophthalmologists in California. He has consistently received the “Most Compassionate Doctor” and “Patient’s Choice” awards from patients surveys. Likewise, he is also often selected by his peers and colleagues as most deserving of the “SoCal Super Doctors®” and  “Pasadena Magazine’s Top Doctor ” Honors.

Experience & Specialization

Dr. Richardson started his private practice in San Gabriel, CA in 1999 and became San Gabriel’s first ophthalmologist to use such modern technologies as the accommodating Crystalens (with cataract surgery) and the iTrack microcatheter (canaloplasty glaucoma surgery). In 2013, Dr. David Richardson moved his practice to San Marino California and established San Marino Eye –  a state of the art eye care facility offering the most comprehensive and advanced treatment available.  Today, it is San Marino California’s leading vision center for glaucoma surgery, cataract surgery, clear lens exchange, and general ophthalmologic care.

Memberships and Certifications

Elite Glaucoma Surgeon

Dr. Richardson is among an elite group of glaucoma surgeons in the country performing the highly specialized canaloplasty procedure.  In fact, patients have traveled half way around the world to have canaloplasty by Dr. Richardson.

Dr. Richardson not only performs canaloplasty, he also teaches other surgeons how to do so.  As one of the leading canaloplasty surgeons he regularly gives talks at the national meetings of eye surgeons.  As part of his quest to make this safer glaucoma surgery available to glaucoma patients throughout the world, he is often asked to fly out to teach individual doctors how best to incorporate canaloplasty into their practices.  Dr. Richardson was recently included among a panel of respected glaucoma surgeons whose goal was to find ways to make it easier for other eye surgeons to learn how to perform canaloplasty.

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