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New Glaucoma Treatment

A recognized expert in Glaucoma and the highly specialized Canaloplasty procedure, Dr. David Richardson is regularly interviewed as an expert in his field.

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Patient Stories

At the core of Dr. David Richardson’s Philosophy is Quality Patient Experience. Treatment and healing with Care. No wonder thousands of patients trust Dr. Richardson with their eyes.

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Patient Travel Guide

Patient Locations Heatmap

Unparalleled combination of Care, Experience, Training, Technology and distinguished academic background - The reason why patients travel half way around the world to see Dr. Richardson.

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Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty in California
Meet Dr. Richardson

Enjoy Same or Next Day Appointments. Care Like You've Never Experienced Before... call (626) 289 7856

Services & Treatment

Dr. Richardson provides impeccable personalized treatment – from general ophthalmologic care to advanced cataract and glaucoma surgeries.

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Opt-Out of Network

Why Self Pay? If your insurance is paying your ophthalmologist, get an expert, untainted, second opinion. Self-Pay Benefits you!

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Questions & Answers

There isn’t a question that is too big or small for Dr. Richardson. Scan through our Q&A section and learn much more about your eye condition.

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360° Virtual Tour

Come visit us at our office in San Marino, California. Meanwhile, take a 360° virtual tour of our vision center and eye care facility.

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