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David Richardson, MD

One of the Most Respected Ophthalmologists in California
Expert in the Treatment of Cataract and Glaucoma.


Safer Alternative To Trabeculectomy
Lower IOP. Fewer Drops.

You deserve personalized care, more time, attention and compassion from your doctor. We Listen. You’ll See.SM

Laser Catarat Surgery Should You Pay More

Modern Cataract Surgery

Should you pay more and undergo additional risk just to have Laser-Assisted Cataract Surgery? Read this or better yet, consider getting a second opinion.

New Glaucoma Treatment

Canaloplasty  is an advanced “non-penetrating” glaucoma surgery.  It is safer than traditional glaucoma surgery called trabeculectomy. Drop your Drops!

Services & Treatment

Dr. Richardson provides impeccable personalized treatment – from general ophthalmologic care to advanced cataract and glaucoma surgeries.

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