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Testimonials of Canaloplasty Patients

Patients of Dr. David Richardson

 Videos of Canaloplasty Patients

Many have taken the time to share their canaloplasty experience in the hope of inspiring others like you. We’ve recorded what they have to say in videos. Here are some for your viewing pleasure…

Canaloplasty Patient Story: John

Canaloplasty versus Trabeculectomy. How does canaloplasty compare to Trabeculectomy? Let John and Mildred share with you their experience. Ron underwent both surgeries. 

Canaloplasty Patient Story: Alvin

Canaloplasty After Trabeculectomy and Laser Surgeries. Alvin had laser surgery as well as trabeculectomy on both eyes (from another surgeon). Sadly, he’s now blind on one eye due to a failed surgery. Their “only and last chance for vision” was Dr. Richardson. Watch and listen to their story…

Canaloplasty Patient Story: Ron

A beautiful couple’s story of how they dealt with glaucoma and went through canaloplasty. Only Ron has glaucoma but his wife, Peg Is with him all the way. Love, indeed! “…he’s suffered so many losses that the idea that he could lose his vision was so frightening…He watched an uncle go blind…And it broke my heart that he could lose anything else…”

Canaloplasty Patient Story: Gary

Gary – CEO of a not for profit organization, leads a very active lifestyle. The drop regimen or routine is something that doesn’t fit his lifestyle. It’s been 4 years since he underwent Canaloplasty. Find out how it has been since then.

Canaloplasty Patient Story: Mark

Glaucoma in the genes. Mark has a family history of glaucoma. Having witnessed the terrible blinding effect of glaucoma, he has decided to undergo Canaloplasty on both eyes.

Canaloplasty Patient Story: Theresa

Theresa Dupris discusses her experience with rapidly progressing glaucoma. Listen as she shares her happiness over not taking glaucoma drops anymore – four and five drops, four and five times daily.

Canaloplasty Patient Story: Nidhi Shetty

Nidhi Shetty tells her story of travelling all the way from Mumbai, India to have Canaloplasty done by Dr. David Richardson. She has done so much research about treatment options and finds Canaloplasty the best glaucoma surgery that will not require any lifestyle modification.

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