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We wish to believe we truly understand you, your doubts, your fears. But we probably don’t. For only those who actually live with the possibility of going blind one day, can truly understand you.

These patients do understand. They’ve been to the same journey you are about to embark upon. Listen as they share their experience. Their strenth. Hope.

We are all strangers, connected by what we share…our little stories.

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Outstanding Eye Physician.  I have been a patient of this practice since 1964 when it was ran by the eminent eye physician and surgeon Dr. Frank Schiff.  Dr. Richardson took over after Dr. Schiff’s retirement and has continued and improved upon the outstanding treatment experienced by each and every patient.  Highly recommended!

Michael O.

(/2/2015 on Yelp)

What a great team of people!! My mother was terrified to have eye surgery and they worked so well with her on every step of her journey. They were amazing working with her. My mother’s case was a difficult one, but Dr Richardson choose to handle it anyway. I am very grateful for this. My mother. Lola, is very happy now.

Linda A.

(Temple City, CA via Yelp.Com | 1/26/2014)

The staff is wonderful, kind, [and] accommodating. [I’m] never nervous when coming to see Dr. Richardson. Absolutely the best! Can’t say enough about Dr. Richardson’s “Thank you Dr. Richardson for improving my vision…The world is so bright and clear…The experience was comfortable.

T. C.

Craig Canaloplasty PatientOn my 60th birthday I rode this wave. Thank you for all your help, Craig.


Dr. Richardson and his staff are wonderful – the office staff was kind and took time to speak with us. The opthamologist on staff and Dr. Richardson were both wonderful. They took time to explain all of the procedures and then made suggestions that were very helpful. It is hard to find a good physician of any type but I will highly recommend this doctor to anyone needing an eye physician.

Elizabeth S.

(Pasadena, CA via Yelp.Com | 11/24/2014)

In need of a second opinion before surgery a referral led me to Dr Richardson’s. His staff is amazing. His assistant Anna was friendly, kind, on top of her game. She made my wife and I feel relaxed and taken care of. Dr. Richardson was professional, thorough and gave me a sense of confidence about my up comimg procedure.

Marvin Dexter M.

(Los Angeles, CA via Yelp.Com | 10/30/2014)

A week after surgery and I can’t even tell or feel that my eye was operated on. Thank you David Richardson, M.D.!

David T.

January 2015 via Facebook

Finally, a doctor that actually makes eye contact with you. He explains things in plain English. Stays in room until he has answered all if your questions. I’ve recommended him to my family and friends. The staff is very friendly and knowledgable. I love the little fridge with cool water for patients.

G C.

(Rowland Heights, CA | 03/13/2014)

Dr. Davidson is an excellent doctor, and his stuff are very very friendly. His assistant, Ana, is an organized, super kind person. I strongly recommend Dr. Richardson. His clinic is a stress free, relaxed place. I had no problems about making appointments.

Dr. Richardson operated my left eye recently. (Canaloplasty) My entire experiance was stress free. My eye pressure went down to 11, – the next day form the operation. I am very happy with the result. All the stuff members, including the hospital nurses, are kind and friendly. I strongly recommend Dr. Richardson to anyone who needs eye treatments. I traveled far distance to see Dr. Richardson, and I am glad that I did! I am a foreigner and Dr. Richardson explained me everything well, and answered all of my questions. Please excuse my English.

Michelle M.

( South Lake Tahoe, CA | 1/23/2014 via Yelp)

I had a GREAT visit with you yesterday. It felt like I was the only person in your office and wasn’t on a “timer” waiting for it to go “ding” and the doctor having to leave the room to see the next patient, as with past experience.

The other thing I liked was how courteous and professional your staff was as how your office neatly fit in to the surrounding neighborhood which made a person feel comfortable and not intimidated.

Lastly; I appreciated your thorough examination and dialog, reiterating my comment while leaving: “I was not depressed like I usually am when leaving the offices of the previous doctors.”…

Anyway, just wanted to let you know and we will keep in touch.I will check those supplements you had mentioned.



October 24, 2014 via LinkedIn,

I have had two eye doctors and no one can come near the excellent care of Dr. Richardson. You can tell he knows his business and loves what he does. At age 80 I am able to read 2 books per week. Needless to say, ‘I love the young Doctor.



My recovery has been terrific with no problems…I will probably eventually have to have cataract surgery on my left eye and I have no doubt that it will be done by Dr. Richardson and his staff. They have my thanks and admiration.



My cataract surgery was a wonderful experience! No pain; and the loving care I received by the office staff and hospital staff was great. I will certainly recommend Dr. Richardson to all my friends, if they want a superior doctor.


Dr. David Richardson is an extremely skilled Ophthalmic Surgeon; a caring, dedicated physician; and a talented orator with a delightful personality. David’s patients are very fortunate to have him as their doctor.

Peggy Laney


Experience the vision of your youth. If you have cataracts that impede your [ability] to see the colors and the beauty of creation, allow the experience and knowledge of Dr. Richardson [to] do that ‘miracle’ for you.


(6/17/09 – after cataract surgery)

Dr. Richardson is very caring, makes you feel at ease. He focuses on patients and is not in a hurry. He is very focused and thorough. He will have a specialist evaluate if he sees anything out of the ordinary. He is a terrific person.

R. N.

I could not pass my vision test to renew my driving license. I decided to have cataract surgery in both eyes with Dr. Richardson. [After surgery] I was able to pass the vision test and renew my license for five years with no restrictions!


I feel that this surgery has enabled me to enjoy life again and I would definitely recommend Canaloplasty to anyone with glaucoma (and cataracts) and in particular Dr. Richardson’s superior surgical skills.


Toronto (09/14/2013),

I was very concerned about the loss of vision in my left eye until seeing Doctor Richardson. After meeting Doctor Richardson I knew I had nothing to worry about. He made me feel very secure during the exam and in surgery. He is great.


The surgery came out perfect. I was not scared because Dr. Richardson came highly recommended. The staff is so wonderful and kind. Being bilingual is such a help and comfort to us. I am very happy.


(7/23/09 – after cataract surgery),

We think Dr Richardson and his staff are as good as they get. We have never had any problems getting an appointment and have gotten great results from his treatments. We highly recommend Dr. Richardson.

Rafael L


Dr. Richardson & staff provide excellent professional care. Concern for patient is always there – they make an anxiety producing situation easy. Thank you all – again!


(1/22/2009 – after cataract surgery),

Dr. Richardson, You’re like a Rolex watch…unparalled in performance…accurate and precise. Thanks for always flashing that great smile and contagious laugh.


(8/21/09 – after cataract surgery)

Dr Richardson is cutting edge in his field. In our book he is tops. We have several other friends who agree with us including those who recommended him to us.

My wife had both eyes operated on for cataracts with excellent results.

Everyone in the office is excellent to work with. I say this after accompanying my wife there several times over many months of pre-op, operation and post-op visits. I read the other reviews including the bad experiences and they really surprise me. We did have one error in an appointment out of I don’t know how many, but it was certainly the exception.

My wife had a relatively unusual experience with her first cataract operation. Her vision went from barely being able to see the big E to 20:15 which they say is about as high as it gets. However, she saw a shadow that was annoyingly hovering outside her field of view. After ruling out all other possibilities and researching the literature, Dr Richardson concluded that it was due to the difference in thickness between the natural lens and the artificial lens that replaced it. This allowed light rays to come around the side of the lens and impinge on the retina. He decided to do a minor laser surgery to remove the membrane behind the lens. That helped somewhat. In the second surgery he mounted the lens in a different way to preclude this problem. Over time the shadow faded.

Now my wife has nearly perfect vision in both eyes and does not need glasses for reading or distance. No more contacts or glasses of any kind. It is like a miracle at 62 years of age and after many years of glasses, contacts, solutions, etc. After it was all over my wife was so happy she sent the office flowers.

Gerry H.


Hello, my name is Robert Rajotte. I’m a very satisfied customer!Dr. Richardson did a wonderful job on my eye.

Let me tell you a little story. I’ve had glasses probably for the last ten years and my optometrist discovered I had high pressure in my right eye. He suggested that I seek treatment for this. Of course, being a guy I ignored it for a couple of years. It spiked a little higher, and finally I went to my mother’s doctor, which happens to be Dr. Richardson. And my mother also, of course, is happy with his services.

Long story short. We had laser surgery that brought the pressures down. It’s called Argon Laser Trabeculectomy and it was painless. It was a five minute procedure, and my pressures are perfect. Well, I had a secondary problem. My right eye needed a much greater correction than my left, which I believe is called anisometropia.

I’ve learned a lot, as you can see also, through this process. Anyway, with some consultations with Dr. Richardson, he suggested I probably could use an intraocular lens implant and I ended up with a toric lens, which also corrected my astigmatism. Long story short, the lens was implanted and everything went well. Three to four weeks after surgery, you go get your other glasses.

My optometrist looked at the correction I had after Dr. Richardson had done, and he stopped. He paused, and he was baffled and he says, “This guy’s good!” He said it three times. “This guy’s good! You have almost no astigmatism. We’ll call it zero. You’re barely nearsighted. Your eye is like perfect, and your pressures are perfect.”

All testimony to Dr. Richardson’s skill and education, and I recommend him to anybody. Come here! I was satisfied, and I’m sure you will be. He’s professional. He’s got the steadiest hands I’ve ever seen in a human, and when he touches your eye, it’s unbelievable.He’s a gifted surgeon, and I recommend you come to see Dr. Richardson!

Robert Rajotte


I had a GREAT visit with you yesterday. It felt like I was the only person in your office and wasn’t on a “timer” waiting for it to go “ding” and the doctor having to leave the room to see the next patient, as with past experience.

The other thing I liked was how courteous and professional your staff was as how your office neatly fit in to the surrounding neighborhood which made a person feel comfortable and not intimidated.

Lastly; I appreciated your thorough examination and dialog, reiterating my comment while leaving: “I was not depressed like I usually am when leaving the offices of the previous doctors.”…

Anyway, just wanted to let you know and we will keep in touch.I will check those supplements you had mentioned.



October 24, 2014 via LinkedIn,

I admire Dr. Richardson. He makes me feel confident and I am so happy he saved my eye. I highly recommend him. He’s awesome!

M. C.

There is no Ophthalmologist like Dr Richardson. I constantly think of the wonderful care that my mother received and there is just no equal. He is caring, compassionate, listens to what patients say, answers patients questions fully plus he is an excellent surgeon. He doesn’t make you feel like you’re just a number in a queue. Just to see him is a strong reason to move to Pasadena.


(Ontario, Canada | 01/18/2014),

Dr. Richardson is a wonderful doctor! He along with his staff and associates care for their patients. He provides extremely thorough exams and testing with the latest technology. He will always take the time to answer any questions or concerns you may have. You will, more often than not, leave his office more knowledgeable about your eyes. He is a doctor you should meet especially if you are having trouble with your vision.

Jon Q


I have experienced several major surgeries. The cataract surgery performed by Dr. Richardson ranks ‘Top Level.’ Thanks, Dr. R

John D


Dr Richardson did cataract surgeries for my mom. He was very thorough on his examination and always very pleasant to talk to. My mom was able to watch TV a couple of hours after surgery and the procedure was smooth and pretty much pain free. His office assistants are also helpful and gave us very clear instructions for how to apply eye medications. The only reason that I didn’t give a 5 star review is that he no longer takes Medicare insurance. Our overall experience with him was good.

Rob K


Dr. Richardson, the first time I met you, with your pleasant smile, self assurance, and knowledge information I was placed at ease. You have always looked directly at me during our conversations and it makes me feel that my case is very important to you. I can never than you enough for making me feel as if I have gone back in time with my eyesight and younger than my sixty-five years. I appreciate all you have done for me.

Gerry Marie Doyle


Excellent surgery! Felt no pain, no bad results after surgery. Best doctor in California. Dr. Richardson is very detailed and explains every issue and makes patients feel very comfortable.


My name is Joy. Dr. Richardson has been my ophthalmologist ever since he took over from Dr. Thompson, who was also a noted ophthalmologist. You should read Dr. Richardson’s stellar educational credentials If you have had difficulty getting an appointment, it may be because Dr, Richardson has been voted a “TOP DOC” by his peers for the last four or five years and is listed as such in a Los Angeles Magazine that has just come out (I can’t give you the exact title, but you can Google it). Since childhood I have not been able to see the big “E or A” at the top of the eye chart. I have had retinal tears, a hole in the retina, and other rather serious eye problems over the years. He has patched me up and kept my eyes healthy. Dr. Pritchard, who does all the refraction, has fitted my contact lens and has had my vision at nearly 20/20. He is another important part of a superb team. Last week, wrapped in a warm sheet, listening Verde, (you can choose the music), Dr. Richardson removed a cataract and inserted a special lens in my right eye. When they sat me up I could SEE!!!!! The colors!! The light!! Wonderful!! I cannot recommend any one more than Dr. Richardson, Dr. Prichard, and all the staff who have cared for me for years, and have now given me back real sight. I will have the left eye done in two weeks. Dr. Richardson is a “TOP DOC”!

Joy S.


I had advanced glaucoma and cataracts in both eyes when I first came to Dr. Richardson’s office. My intraocular pressure had been misdiagnosed by my former ophthalmologist and I had suffered considerable vision loss. Descending stairs and stepping down curbs became a big problem as I was unable to correctly judge their depths, often resulting in either a fall or a bone-jarring jolt.

I was initially scheduled for Trabeculectomy surgery to treat the glaucoma but decided against it since that particular procedure would require frequent needling treatments after the surgery to prevent the drainage openings from closing up again, plus other unpleasant aspects.

After consulting another ophthalmologist I was told that time was of the essence, blindness was not in the too distant future and a Trabeculectomy surgery would still be my only option – preferable to losing my remaining vision. When my eye pressure was measured it was practically in the stratosphere. With time running out I was desperately looking for an alternative. I discovered that Dr. Richardson was using a procedure called Canaloplasty which also opens up the plugged channels and is a much gentler approach. In addition the cataracts can be treated simultaneously and thus a subsequent surgical intervention becomes unnecessary.

The procedure itself was unlike any other surgery. You may choose the music you will listen to during your surgery while Dr. Richardson is guiding his team in a callm and reassuring manner. Already at your first appointment you will discover that he is a very caring and patient doctor who will address any concerns you may have and you will feel that you can positiviely trust this doctor with your surgery. His two very capable and caring assistants deserve special mention.

There is Ana, who could be anyone’s mother, who would drape a blanket around your shoulders when the air conditioning feels a bit too chilly and ken, anyone’s protective and good-natured brother.

When the day arrives that you have to bid your final farewell you feel as though you were leaving three family members behind – Dr. Richardson, Ana and Ken!

I found that the following day after my surgery I felt as though no surgery had even taken place – I felt absolutely wonderful! This was also the case with my second eye surgery which was performed two weeks later on the other eye.

After undergoing Canaloplasty I am now able to descend stairs without missing the first and last one and my depth perception is back to normal with the curbs not being a problem any more either. I am also now able to recognize individual facese across a room which previously I was unable to distinguish. Considerning that my nerve damage was extensive and I was only left with 10% vision in my left eye and 40% in my right eye. Dr. Richardson restored it to the point where I am now able to function reasonably well. My e-mail does not require any glasses and I am even able to read the newspaper in good light. When the eyes get too tired, I will then reach for my glasses

I feel that this surgery has enabled me to enjoy life again and I would definitely recommend Canaloplasty to anyone with glaucoma (and cataracts) and in particular Dr. Richardson’s superior surgical skills


Toronto (09/14/2013),

Hello. My name is Dean. I went to see my new optometrist approximately 14 months ago, and he had suggested I may have some type of issue with glaucoma. So I spoke to a radiologist friend of mine at San Gabriel Valley, and he recommended Dr. Richardson. So, when I came here, I was a little apprehensive. I said, ‘Glaucoma? Gee, am I going to go blind or what?’

So, Dr. Richardson has been a very pleasant ophthalmologist. We went through a battery of tests. Everyone was very pleasant, and everything went well. I’ve been coming here for, basically, one year now, and the follow up is excellent. I will keep coming back. My wife also intends to come here. I think this is a great place to come, and I would recommend anyone come to the San Gabriel Valley Eye Associates. Thank you.



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