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Glaucoma and Cataract Surgery Combined

PhacoCanaloplasty™, Latest Technology to Treat Your Cataracts & Glaucoma

What is PhacoCanaloplasty™

Harvard-trained, award-winning and recognized Glaucoma expert, Dr. David Richardson, explains why you should choose Canaloplasty over a number of different options.

PhacoCanaloplasty™ is the latest technology to treat your cataracts and glaucoma. The first part of the procedure is the cataract surgery. This helps give you sharper vision. The second part is the Canaloplasty procedure.

Canaloplasty is a safe, advanced minimally invasive glaucoma treatment. It is a “non-penetrating” glaucoma surgery which means it does not require creation of a hole in the eye (fistula) nor does it result in a “bleb” as required with trabeculectomy. Canaloplasty can reduce eye pressure by nearly 40%, and most glaucoma patients who have had Canaloplasty can cut their glaucoma drops in half. In some cases, Canaloplasty can even eliminate the need for Glaucoma drops! 

restorative glaucoma surgery


Not destructive. Traditional glaucoma surgeries such as trabeculectomy involve punching a hole in the eye causing permanent, lifetime damage to the eye. Canaloplasty, however, works to restore the eye’s natural drainage canal with minimal scarring.

Active Lifestyle Glaucoma Surgery

Active Lifestyle

Unlike trabeculectomy, Canaloplasty does not limit your ability to stay active. Since Canaloplasty does not involve the formation of a bleb (ie. blister), you are free to continue to enjoy activities such as water sports!

Less Expensive glaucoma surgery

Less Expensive

The cost of Canaloplasty can easily pay for itself over time simply by saving you $1,000s per year in the cost of glaucoma drops that may no longer be needed after this surgery.

Active Lifestyle Glaucoma Surgery

Safe & Effective

Studies show that Canaloplasty is safer than traditional glaucoma surgery, and just as effective! Canaloplasty patients experience fewer side effects and complications compared to those who had trabeculectomy.

Once I’m back to India, I think there are a lot of doctors waiting for me to get back there… I had taken five or six opinions before I came down here from different doctors… Once I go back I’m sure I’m going to tell them how it has helped me. And then I would be there for them in front of their eyes to see… I’m truly very happy!

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