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Glaucoma Related Videos – Canaloplasty in the News

Sick of High IOPs? Tired of Taking Drops?

Canaloplasty may be for you! Canaloplasty is an advanced minimally invasive glaucoma treatment that can provide patients with glaucoma a “peace of mind” not possible with use of glaucoma drops alone. Canaloplasty can reduce eye pressure by nearly 40%, and most glaucoma patients who have had Canaloplasty can cut their glaucoma drops in half. In some cases, Canaloplasty can even eliminate the need for Glaucoma drops.

A Treatment For Glaucoma? KCAL9 with Dr. David Richardson

New Glaucoma Treatment, Canaloplasty

Canaloplasty – “It’s Angioplasty for the Eye” | K5 News Seattle

Canaloplasty – New Hope for Those Suffering from Glaucoma | ABCNewsBoston

Canalopalsty – Saving Your Sight (from Glaucoma) | WBNS-TV10 CBS Columbus, Ohio

Canaloplasty – May Be “A Permanent Solution” | CBS Minneapolis

Trabeculectomy on One Eye, Canaloplasty on the Other Eye | Duke Story

Canaloplasty – a Cutting Edge New Procedure | Boise_video Fox12idaho

Canaloplasty – New Glaucoma Surgery | Fox New Marcos

You may visit our YouTube page for more news about canaloplasty. On the next page, we’ve put together the most common questions people ask regarding Canaloplasty. We hope they address all your questions too…

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