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FAQs / What Would the Approximate Total Cost for Canaloplasty Be?


What would the approximate total cost for canaloplasty be ?


Dear Mr. ******,

You can find the self-pay fee schedule here: Schedule of Fees.

If you have PPO insurance it might reimburse you for a portion of the cost of surgery.

If you have Medicare that has not been signed over to an HMO then Medicare will cover the majority of the Hospital Fee and Anesthesiologist’s fee. Medicare will not cover my surgeon’s fee as I have opted out of Medicare.

If you have an HMO or Medicare HMO (such as SCAN or Secure Horizons or a “Medicare Advantage” plan) then none of the fees listed will be covered by your insurance.

I’ve copied my billing specialist, Helah, on this email. If you provide her with your insurance information she can research this for you.

Warm regards,
David Richardson, MD

Date:Thu, Jan 29, 2015 at 3:39 AM


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