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FAQs / What Is Vision Going to Be Like Right After Canaloplasty Surgery?


Dr. Richardson, I think I am going to have to have a canaloplasty on my right eye soon. I have already lost all vision in my left eye due to several cornea transplants that were rejected. I am very nervous about this canaloplasty surgery and would like to know what my vision is going to be like right after surgery and in the future. My name is D****** Smith‎. My email is: ******.

P.S. I live alone and need some vision after the surgery. Please let me know what I should expect.

D****** Smith‎ via Facebook


Dear ******,

It’s quite understandable to be nervous about surgery on your only functioning eye. Fortunately, canaloplasty is one of the safer incisional glaucoma surgeries. Nonetheless, vision may be blurred for awhile after any glaucoma surgery. With canaloplasty this is often due to reflux of blood cells from the drainage system through the opened canal into the front of the eye. It can take days to weeks for this blood to flow back out the way it came.


Warm regards,
David Richardson, MD

Date: September 29, 2014


Posted in: Canaloplasty, Canaloplasty and Recovery

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