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FAQs / Do You Take a Holistic Approach to Treating Glaucoma?


Hi. I wanted to ask as I found an article about goji wolf berries in helping with glaucoma… article on your website. Im trying to find a holistic approach that take everything into consideration, nutrition etc. So, Dr. Richardson, do you look at the person and all factors in treating someone with glaucoma, or do you treat the issue by itself only? thanks,

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Hello D*****,

Unlike many of my colleagues, I do not focus only on the intraocular pressure. Thus, my writings and recommendations regarding oral OTC supplements as well as my preference for canaloplasty over trabeculectomy glaucoma surgery. Are you a member of the FitEyes online glaucoma support group? A number of the members of that group have become my patients and I’m sure some of them would be willing to tell you about their experience with me.

If you wish to schedule a consultation with me I think you will be pleased to discover that I am both thorough and take into account your needs as an individual as well as the needs of your eyes.

I’ve copied my nurse, Ana, on this email. She would be the person to contact if you wish to schedule a time to see me in my San Marino office.


Warm regards,
David Richardson, MD
Adjunct Assistant Professor of Clinical Ophthalmology
USC Roski Eye Institute
Keck School of Medicine of USC

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