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My Daughter Has Glaucoma. Can I Make an Appointment for Her to See You?


My daughter has glaucoma. Can I make an appointment for her to see you?



Having a daughter myself, my heart goes out to anyone with a child with glaucoma. It is especially heartbreaking for the parents as they have a sense of the challenges which may be faced over a lifetime by their son or daughter – something that is often too abstract for a child to appreciate (which is likely a good thing).

I am not, however, the surgeon with whom your daughter should consult as my glaucoma practice is adult-only. Pediatric (childhood) glaucomas can behave very differently from adult glaucomas and do not always respond to the treatments used in adult glaucomas. For example, whereas trabeculectomy is the most commonly recommended glaucoma surgery in adults, glaucoma drainage devices are generally preferred in children. Less invasive options such as canaloplasty may be considered, but only after a detailed evaluation of the angle anatomy.


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