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FAQs / Canaloplasty or InnFocus Microshunt, Which Surgical Option Is Most Appropriate?


I have an IOP of 30 in my left eye (no vision in my right eye); there is a fairly new surgical procedure (Implantation of a trans-scleral micro-lumen aqueous drainage tube (InnFocus MicroShunt, InnFocus)— Which procedure would you recommend, Canaloplasty or the above mentioned procedure?

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Dear L****,

Although I cannot comment on which surgical option would be most appropriate for you, I can state that my preference (for those who are candidates) would be canaloplasty. My reasoning is as follows:

1) As a newer device, the InnFocus simply has not been around long enough to know what the long term results and risks may be. Canaloplasty, on the other hand, is based on viscocanalostomy – a technique that has been around for over a decade with well-documented long-term safety.

2) Experimental treatments, in general, are poor choices for anyone with only one good eye due to the lack of long term safety data.

3) Canaloplasty is one of the safest established incisional glaucoma procedures.

4) If canaloplasty fails to achieve an adequate IOP reduction then trabeculectomy (or InnFocus implantation, which is essentially a modified trabeculectomy) would still be an option.


Warm regards,
David Richardson, MD
Adjunct Assistant Professor of Clinical Ophthalmology
USC Roski Eye Institute
Keck School of Medicine of USC

San Marino Eye
2020 Huntington Drive
San Marino, CA 91108

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