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FAQs / Are You Familiar with Dr. George Reiss? He Has Been My Glaucoma Man for over 20yrs.


I have glaucoma and my right eye is gone. I have been taking every drop on the market. Tomorrow wed. 1/ 21  I  see my Dr. George Reiss to disuss canaloplasty. Are you familiar with him? He has been my glaucoma man for over 20yrs. How do you rate him?

D***** Smith‎ via Facebook


Hello Donnie,

I do not personally know Dr. George Reiss. That being said, any eye surgeon who is performing Canaloplasty glaucoma surgery must be skilled as it is a technically challenging surgery to perform. Those with lesser skill simply never bother to learn this procedure.


Warm regards,
David Richardson, MD

Date: January 21, 2015


Posted in: Canaloplasty, Canaloplasty Surgeons

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