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FAQs / If I Have Angle Closure Glaucoma, Is Canaloplasty Not Suitable for Me?


Hi Doctor Richardson.

Thank you so much for your email.

Does it mean if I have angle closure glaucoma, canaloplasty is not suitable for me?

I have asked to my previous opthamologist who did iridotomy, and she quite sure that I have angle closure glaucoma, but the other opthamologist who would do trabeculectomy to me is quite sure also that I have open angles glaucoma. I have plan to seek third opinion from singapore opthamologist regarding angle closure or open angle glaucoma.

Is there any test so I can send you the result to you to determine whether I have angle closure or open angles glaucoma?

Thank you


Dear ******,

If your angle is closed then canaloplasty would not be an option for you. That being said, if it is possible to open the angle with cataract surgery then canaloplasty could be done either at the time of or after cataract surgery. Unfortunately, there is no test report that will give me the information I would need to determine whether your angle is appropriate for canaloplasty. Only an in-person gonioscopic examination at the slit lamp (clinical microscope) would allow me to make this determination.

Warm regards,
David Richardson, MD

Date: Tuesday, January 06, 2015 10:19 AM

Posted in: Canaloplasty, Canaloplasty and Other Conditions, Canaloplasty and Other Surgeries

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