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“So, You’ve Got a Cataract” has won a Silver Medal in the Health/Medicine/Nutrition category of the eLit Awards. It has also been chosen as a ForeWord Book of the Year Awards Finalist! On, the book has also ranked Best Seller on several occasions.

  • Paperback in large print
  • Full color in high quality paper
  • Can be read out loud in kindle (depends on device type)
  • Beautiful layout, illustrations, photos and checklists – for your reading pleasure!

Read before you have cataract surgery | This book will be of great help to those contemplating cataract surgery. It helps the patient understand the process, what to look for in their surgeon and what questions to ask. I recommend it. I was not aware of this book until after my cataract surgery, but that experience enables me to judge the book from a unique perspective. Been there, done that! You might wonder why someone who has had the surgery would read the book, well, one can never know too much and I needed to understand something that occurred during my surgery. This book gave me the answer

By Dirk Price on

March 7, 2013 , (See more reviews on

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